For better or worse, I’ve decided to help my partner, Markos, tackle something that’s been in need of doing for a long time now…

We’re gonna bring back Furry News Network.

Yeah, it’s probably not the greatest idea in the current climate, but people have been asking. Presumably there are some people, out there on the internet, who want it to come back for whatever reason.

So I’m tackling a rehaul of the site’s design. Going for something of a…modern news site meets traditional newspaper, with all the best flair a well-chosen and tweaked theme can deliver. Y’know, the usual.

Discussions have been had of some sort of weekly news video podcast… but they’re just discussions at this point.

Other discussions have been had of implementing a sort of “Out & About” section featuring a searchable map of events happening all over the place, submitted by users (and moderated, of course).

All big things. Not sure when they’re going to get done or even if they’ll get done in any sort of timeframe. Jury’s still out on this. But I’ll try my best to get the ball rolling on most of these things. Remember, I’ve got a day job, too. ?

I may float a few ideas here for whoever stumbles upon them. Feel free to leave your feedback. ?