Blast from the Past ~ Space Ghost

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It was my junior year in high school in the rarely frigid winter of 2011. Things in my life were taking a strange turn. Part of that was me figuring out who I was; the other part was me broadening my musical tastes.

Enter Space Ghost, a band started by one of my high school marching band friends and his college mates over in Athens, GA, around the summer of 2010 or so. Their musical styles were influenced by a whirlwind of indie groups, prog rockers, and experimentalists, with a little bit of synth-pop thrown in for good measure and fun. I can say there was never a dull show, never a dull moment with this group, and I loved every single performance I was able to make.

Unfortunately, this group was short-lived, as so many great bands often are. Band members diverged in paths, choices taking them different directions in life. Here, I have archived what information I can scrounge up, along with some samples of their music, so it might live on.

"NHS" (ca.2012)

Released solely on YouTube, the original video has long since disappeared. This audio was captured directly from the video, which featured the band in a recording studio performing the track. As far as I can tell, this was the last recorded song from Space Ghost.

"Man of the Crowd" - Yards of Static EP

This one was a favorite of theirs at concerts (wait for the “ding!”) and a favorite of mine on my playlists. I distinctly remember standing right up against the tiny stage upstairs at The 567 with friends, doing the “scene girl” dance for the majority of the song.

(Don’t judge me, it was a decade ago.)

"London '44" - Yards of Static EP

This was the first song they started their first local concert with, and it’s the first song of theirs I ever heard. I still hear it in my head sometimes when I least expect it.
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